Rod Sleeve

Rod Sleeve

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Protect your fly rods!

Avoid rod damage, breakage and frustrating entanglements by protecting them with a Rod Sleeve.  

When fly fishing lakes, it is common to have two or more rods rigged and ready to go.  This practice makes it easy to adapt to changing conditions. If presentation demands change and you only have one rod rigged and ready to go, you are less likely to make the necessary change because of the hassle of changing a line. 

Our Rod Sleeves allow you to rig multiple rods, ensuring they are protected and can’t become entangled.  

Using a Rod Sleeve is simple.

  1. To stow your rod, reel your line, leader and fly or flies in as far as they can.
  2. Separate your rod in half and fold the tip adjacent to the butt.
  3. Hook your fly or flies on the nearest guide. Pull the line off at the reel if you have to adjust your leader and tippet to reach a guide.  Once the flies are hooked to the nearest guide, reel the line and leader in to tighten.
  4. Slide the Rod Sleeve over the folded rod to cover the blank and handle to the reel.
  5. If you have a reel pouch, slide it onto the reel and fold the flap over the handle to secure the rod tip in place. Always make sure the rod butt protects your rod tip.

Each Rod Sleeve is 68” long by 1.5” wide and is best-suited for 9.5-foot or longer fly rods.