Phil Rowley's Balanced Leech-Black
Phil Rowley's Balanced Leech-Brown Pumpkin
Phil Rowley's Balanced Leech-Bruised
Phil Rowley's Balanced Leech-CBO
Phil Rowley's Balanced Leech-Maroon
Phil Rowley's Balanced Leech-Olive Pumpkin
Phil Rowley's Balanced Leech-Olive/Burnt Orange
Balanced Leech-Watermelon/Red


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Suspending patterns beneath a strike indicator has become a favorite presentation technique.

With the exception of chironomid pupa, most food sources move parallel to the bottom. The Balanced Leech is designed to hang in a natural horizontal fashion. This fly is deadly, outperforming traditional leech patterns hung under an indicator.

Balanced Leeches aren’t just an indicator fly. They are just as lethal presented traditionally. Trout are powerless to resist this pattern's seductive jigging action.