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Chironomids or midges are undoubtedly the most prolific and prolonged insect emergence in productive stillwaters. Trout, char, and other game fish take advantage of this abundant easily captured food source. Emergences can last from a few months during the spring and early summer period to yearlong hatch events. Understanding and mastering this important food source not only increases the number of fish you catch but provides the satisfaction of understanding why you are being so successful.

This comprehensive DVD is broken down into 12 chapters covering a wide range of topics including the chironomid life cycle, equipment selection including rods, lines, and reels, leaders and their construction, how to use a throat pump, selecting the right strike indicator, casting tips, depth sounders, and anchoring, presentation tactics, recognizing takes and selecting the right fly.

The special features section of the DVD offers a selection of Phil and Brian's proven larva and pupa patterns with tying recipes and important knots including two versions of the non-slip loop knot.

Volume 1 focuses on strike indicators, one of the most effective presentation techniques for chironomid larva and pupa.

Conquering Chironomids Volume I is packed with information that will significantly shorten the learning curve associated with chironomid fishing. Once hooked, chironomid fishing it will become an obsession!