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The Mystic M-Series fly rods are the flagship of their line. Using a proprietary carbon graphite material to produce the rod blank, Mystic has refined the perfect combination of graphite fibers and carefully selected resin to produce an outstanding casting, fishing, and fish fighting tool. Mystic rod blanks are manufactured to the highest standards of quality control producing a blank that is perfectly balanced. The uniform spine is critically controlled during manufacturing ensuring the rod tracks perfectly resulting in acutely accurate casts. But the magic of these rods doesn't just come from using the highest quality materials, but also from the custom mandrel design as well.

Painstakingly refined over time our standard rods are three inches longer than most other rods and utilize Mystic's Tuned Tip Technology. Mystic rods have powerful butt sections for good line control and fish fighting capabilities coupled with sensitive tips producing accurate casts and perfect shock absorbers to protect tippets.

The M-Series combines outstanding rod blanks with the best components available. Stainless-steel snake guides, hook keeper and tip-top as well as titanium stripping guides constructed with a quad leg design, aircraft-grade aluminum reel seats, knurled and aesthetically pleasing winding check, super high-grade cork grips, up-locking reel seat with composite burl wood spacer, two locking rings with nylon locking grips and a whole lot more!

Mystic Rod Lifetime Warranty Policy

All Mystic rods are covered by a lifetime warranty, for the original owner. This includes defects caused by craftsmanship or faulty materials for the life of the rod. All Mystic rods that are sold must be registered in order to file a claim. Please register your Mystic rod by returning the Registration Card. Upon careful examination by our warranty return center, any rod found to be defective will be repaired or replaced. Our commitment at Mystic is to repair or replace your rod and get you back on the water as soon as we possibly can. There is a nominal handling charge of $50.00 USD (local currency equivalent applies) payable by check, money order, or credit card. You are not authorized to make repairs or replacements under this warranty, without the written authorization of Mystic Rods.

Mystic No-Fault Accidental Breakage Policy

Mystic reserves the right to repair or replace any Mystic Product covered by this warranty and the right to replace any discontinued models with comparable models when necessary. Colors and components may vary between original and replacement parts. This Warranty Policy does not cover damage caused by misuse, neglect, or normal wear, consequential or incidental damages such as loss of fishing equipment or rod sections.

For additional information please visit the Mystic Fly Rods website,

Mystic Testimonial

"I (Phil Rowley) have had the good fortune to cast and fish with a variety of fly rods. Most of these rods have been a pleasure to use but in recent years I have been using Mystic Rods for all of my stillwater fly fishing. When it comes to fly fishing lakes my fly rod has two key purposes, the ability to provide efficient effortless casts and the backbone to battle the large spirited trout productive lakes are famous for. Without a doubt, Mystic's M-Series rods meet these two criteria. My current favorite is the M 6103-4, a medium-fast action four piece 10'3 inch rod that casts floating to fast sinking lines with ease. Its long length allows you to steer and control fish once hooked. The butt section has the power to deliver long casts and battle large fish yet the tip is soft enough to protect tippets from aggressive strikes and surging runs. The M-Series rods provide beautiful roll casts, a presentation technique I use often when fly fishing lakes, particularly with indicators. I let my students or clients when guiding use one of my M-Series rods. Their casting technique and on the water enjoyment improve instantly. They soon share my affection for the M-Series rod. At times it is difficult to get the rod back. Many of them have gone on to purchase their own M-Series rod. I think you should too."

Canadian Orders: Please Allow for 2-Weeks Delivery