Phil Rowley Stillwater Selections


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With each passing season new materials become available and new patterns are created. It is this constant state of flux that makes fly tying the rewarding activity it is. Phil’s latest fly tying book, Stillwater Selections, mirrors this trend. Featuring over 50 new patterns, Stillwater Selections includes step-by-step tying instructions supporting full color images, seasonal availability descriptions, hatch charts and diagrams of my favourite knots. These patterns have not appeared in any of my previous books.

As with my first book, Fly Patterns for Stillwaters, Stillwater Selections includes not only a cross section of Phil’s latest patterns but also those of other innovative stillwater fly tyers. Spiral bound, Stillwater Selections is laid out logically by food source using a blend of seasonal and relative importance in the diet of stillwater trout. Each section, chironomids, scuds, damselflies, leeches, dragonflies, caddis, mayflies, water boatman and backswimmers, features a series of patterns for you to add to your fly box. A descriptive narrative detailing design thoughts, presentation techniques, tying and material considerations accompanies each featured pattern. Detailed color macro images of each food source throughout their various life stages are also provided.