Fly Patterns for Stillwaters

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Many fly fishers find lakes to be vast, intimidating bodies of water. Trout can be fussy, the waters tough to read and any number of food items could be on the menu. So what are you supposed to do?

In Fly Patterns for Stillwaters I uncover the riches lakes have to offer the patient fly fisher. I have spent and continue to spend countless hours studying the food sources that make up the diet of stillwater trout. In addition I have set up aquariums to more closely observe and photograph the movement, development, coloration and emergence habits of stillwater based aquatic insects. In this book I explain the critical link between understanding the food base within a lake and designing effective fly patterns for these environs. I include chironomids, scuds, mayflies, damselflies, leeches, dragonflies, caddisflies, beetles, forage fish and snails. Each chapter begins with a detailed description of the particular food item outlining its life cycle, relative importance, size, coloration and habits. I then provide proven patterns along with step by step tying sequences describing both materials and tying techniques.

Fly Patterns for Stillwaters has become a bestseller. My book will provide you with the means to tie a comprehensive selection of proven stillwater patterns and the confidence to use them successfully!

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