Conquering Chironomids Volume II


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In Volume I, Strike Indicator Techniques Phil and Brian introduced you to chironomids, unquestionably one of, if not the most, significant trout food sources found in lakes worldwide. Chironomids possess all of the qualities to make them a favorite prey item, diversity of species, significant daily and seasonal emergences, availability of larval, pupal and adult life stages. Fish readily feed on chironomids and they are rich in calories. Even the largest fish gorge themselves on chironomids. In order to successfully fly fish stillwaters you need to come to terms with understanding and representing this critical hatch.

In Volume II-Advanced Techniques, Phil and Brian invite you to continue your educational journey as they reveal their advanced chironomid tactics, tricks and presentation techniques. The special features section includes recipes and images of some of Phil and Brian's favorite larva, pupa, emerger and adult patterns, how to maintain your reel, how to use and incorporate sounders into your stillwater presentations and much more.

Phil and Brian are two of today's most accomplished and well-known stillwater fly fishers. Together, they have amassed over 60 years of stillwater fly fishing experience. Much of their time has been spent mastering the art of chironomid fishing.